Rules & Regulations

Rule 622-1-.01 
Board of Trustees

Rule 622-1-.02 
Cost of Administration; Budget

Rule 622-1-.03(1) 
Payment of Non-dependency Benefits into the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

Rule 622-1-.03(2) 
Payment of Assessments to Fund by Insurers and Self-Insurers

Rule 622-1-.03(3) 
Reports by Employers of Compensation and Benefits Paid; Failure to Pay Assessments

Rule 622-1-.04 
Filing Claims Against the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

Rule 622-1-.05 
Employer's Knowledge Statement

Rule 622-1-.06 
Procedures for Payment of Reimbursement Benefits by the Fund

Rule 622-1-.07 
Settlements Subsequent to Reimbursement Agreements

Rule 622-1-.08 
Fund not Bound as to Certain Matters