The SITF helps 

  • Workers with disabilities by providing employers, who are not subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act, with incentives to hire or retain qualified workers with disabilities.
  • Assists insured employers by keeping workers' compensation premiums under control.
  • Keeps the workers' compensation exposure at the deductible levels for self-insured employers


The Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Fund provides reimbursements and information to employers, insurers, and their agents, in those Workers' Compensation claims involving individuals with a pre-existing, permanent impairment.


The Board and staff of the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund commit to bringing awareness of the financial benefits available to employers, insurers, and their agents by continuing our efforts in building positive relationships.


The American with Disabilities Act gives certain rights to workers with disabilities and highlights the need for a second injury fund. As more workers with disabilities enter the workplace, employers look to a state second injury fund to help them absorb the costs associated with potential subsequent on-the-job injuries.

The SITF reimburses insurers on qualifying workers' compensation claims, regardless of whether the employer is bound by the hiring and retention mandates defined in Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act.